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The way we do it, allows us to do it right with quick turn around!

Amazing team, 50+ years of experience, organized approach, excellent support and effective communication enables us to deploy soulful solutions, which serve for long and are flexible to mold.


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Adding mobility to businesses!


The primary criteria for any e-commerce portal merchant is to have a competent and friendly development team that launches your ideas online.

Thanks to Mr Maneet and his team at Soulilution, we at Microbial Type Culture Collection and Gene Bank (MTCC) were able to not only integrate an e-commerce solution but also develop an extremely powerful backend admin/CMS system.

They assimilate your suggestions and also polish them to deliver the product that works!! Our portal now looks very modern and our customers are loving it.

G.S. Prasad Ph. D.

Maneet Puri Director of Soulilution IT Services Pvt. Ltd. has been a tremendous help with all the aspects of redesigning and operating a new website for my small self-managed Antiques business. His creative ability and dependable service has made managing my website a breeze. Before Maneet met I was running the web portion of my business with a website that I had designed and employed on my own. Lacking the knowledge to maintain that first website it slowly became unmanageable. I was fortunate to find Maneet Puri. From that point on I have a wonderful new and the key word is “easy” to manage reliable Website. It used to take me hours to update information now it only takes minutes! Maneet is always available for suggestions and upgrading the site he created. I wish I had knew about his services years ago. After several years of his expert services I look forward to continuing working with Maneet in the years to come. I highly recommend Maneet and Soulilution IT to others.

William H. Flowers

We chose Soulilution IT Services to develop our website because they charged reasonably and they were mature in their approach. We found that Maneet Puri listened carefully and gave thoughtful responses to our questions so that we could make informed choices, rather than have the “expert” view imposed on us or being rushed to make decisions, which was our experience with the competitors. We were pleased that we made this choice: Soulilution team-members were flexible and receptive to our requirements and suggestions, were proactive in contacting us via email and Skype to solve problems, and worked tirelessly towards customizing the website to our needs.  And Maneet was very accessible to advise us when we needed. 

Sveta Dave Chakravarty Ph. D.